Monday, June 20, 2005

Carmen, Act I, Scene III

"It's a TWIN BED?!?!"


"Right. It's also the last one. Are you sure this is o.k., Carmen?"


"Will you put on some music, Colton? I'm going to freshen up."

"I will."

I fumbled with the stereo, trying to find a good station, or a cd that didn't piss me off, until she emerged from the bathroom in her panties.

Her hair covered her breasts. Standing in the doorway, the only bright light in the room coming from the behind her I could see little more than her silhouette. She was dark. Her hips were full. She was taller than I remembered. Her breasts were bigger too. I remembered Tony guessing she'd had them worked on.

I stood up, and turned to face her. We met at the foot of the bed.

We kissed.

She bit my lower lip, hard.

I bit back, harder.

I tasted blood.

Hers or my own, or both, I couldn't tell. I didn't care.

I held her face with both of my hands.

I wound the fingers of my left hand into her hair.

I pulled her head back, kissing her chin, biting her neck.

With my right hand, I pulled her breast to my mouth, and bit.

She cried out.

I stopped.

Carmen pushed me away from her.

She said, "Why did you stop."

It wasn't a question, so much as a demand.

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You can't."

"I won't."

"Colton, do you know how you'll know if you're hurting me?"

"I won't do that."

"Answer the fucking question!"

I'm confused. What the fuck is she talking about? How much did she have to drink? How much did I?

I clench my teeth and stifle a roar that comes out "HOW?"

"I'll fucking tell you you're hurting me."

Then she closes the three feet of space between us and tears off my shirt.

She can't figure out my belt, and growls at me to take it off.

I pick her up by the arms, and throw her onto the bed. I'm still not sure what is happening, exactly, but I'm not about let Carmen and her smug pretentions order me around.

I take my time taking off my belt. I drop in on the floor and step out of my shoes.

I undo the button and zipper and step out of my pants.

I bend down to take off my socks, not taking my eyes off Carmen's.

I slip off my boxer briefs.

I step around the side of the bed closest to the bathroom.

I lean over to kiss her.

I wrap the fingers of my right hand into her hair.

I kiss her mouth, hard.

My left hand finds her nipple and twists it.

She bites my lip again. This time, I know it's my blood I can taste.

She grunts.

I pinch her nipple harder. I release it, and slap her breast hard enough to leave a mark.

Again, she cries out.

I slap her face.

She smiles.

I pull her mouth onto my swiftly stiffening cock.

I slap her other breast. Then I pinch the nipple, hard enough to turn my fingernails white.

She keeps sucking. Louder now.

I slide my hand under her panties.

They're purple.

I know this, because until I moved to the Pacific Northwest, they were in my safe.

They're soaked.

I know this, because as I drove to Vegas, they were still wet in my glove compartment.

I pull them toward her feet, still holding her face to my cock.

I climb on to the bed, a knee on either side of Carmen's head.

I bury my face in her her almost bare pussy.

Her clit is swollen.

Her labia, too.

She tastes exotic. Like Marrakesh or Morrocco. Somewhere on the Spice route.

I push my elbows under her knees until her feel are up in the air, my elbows in the backs of her knees.

I greedily eat her pussy.

I'm biting and sucking on her clit.

She's squirming and moaning around my cock.

My saliva and her juices are running down the crack of her ass, and pooling around her asshole.

I'm seconds from coming already.

She does.

She almost falls off the bed holding onto my ass, trying to keep sucking my cock as I struggle to pull away.

I won't know until the next night as I'm getting ready to head to out for the evening from my room in Las Vegas that she dug her fingernails into my ass and thighs hard enough to draw blood.

All I know now is that I don't want to cum yet.

Carmen looks disoriented.

"Are you allright?" I whisper.



"Yes, I think so."


"Be sure. I'll ask again."


"Fuck me."


I wrap my right hand around her throat. So quickly, she has no idea it's coming.

First, her eyes go wide with surprise, and she sucks in a little breath.

Then, she smiles.

I lean into her face.

"Don't fucking tell me what to do," I hiss.

Then, I squeeze.

She smiles wider.

"Do you understand."

Her lips peel back.

"Fuck you."

I smile.

And let go of her neck.

I grab a fist full of her hair.

Her gorgeous, looooong black hair.

The hair I used to steal smells of, as I'd lean over her shoulder at work, pointing out a better sentence structure.

Now I know she took a dive.

She made the mistakes on purpose.

To tease me.

Who's teasing who now, Carmen?

I twist her head to her right, her neck, and the rest of her body follow.

She's face down on the bed.

I pull her hair back until she's on all fours.

I pull her back further, while I dig in my pants for a condom.

I find one, and tear the wrapper open with my teeth.

I set the condom on her lower back as I switch hands so I can use my right hand to roll the condom onto myself.

I suck on my right thumb, wetting it with spit as I slowly pull Carmen back towards my cock.

I roughly run my thumb from her pussy over her asshole, starting to push it in her.

Carmen tries to turn around, but I pull harder on her hair.

I grab my cock with my right hand, and guide it into her pussy.

With my left, I pull her hair to my left, forcing her to watch us in the mirrored closet doors, as I fuck her.

She arches her back and pushes back into me.


I give her hair a sharp jerk, and let it go.

I dig the fingers of each hand into the flesh at the top of her hips.

I push and pull her away from me and into me, as I fuck.

I'm certain I'm brusing my pubic bone with every thrust.

I push my right hand into the small of her back.

I keep slamming us together with my left hand.

"Look at us, Carmen."


"I waited a decade for this."


She comes again, bucking into me with no rhythym.

I try to still her, so I can get started again, but she pulls forward and away from me.

Her eyes are as big as saucers.

I move to push her knees toward her chest and climb on top of her again.



"I have to go."

I can't imagine the look on my face. Picture, in your head, the photo that would go in the dictionary next to "slack jawed yokel." Better yet, "incredulous slack jawed yokel."

"What's wrong?!?!"

"I have to go."

This, while she's starting to get dressed.

"Are you o.k.?"


"I have to go."

She's dressed. She's looking around for her purse.

"Wait, I'll walk you to your car."

"Then hurry. I need to leave, NOW."

I dress. I find her panties, still sopping wet, and shove them into my pocket. I'm afraid if I don't, I'll believe this was a dream.

Or a nightmare.

Somehow, the bill has already been slipped under the door.

On the way by the desk, I ask if there is anything else I need to do to check out.

There isn't.

At her car, Carmen kisses me goodbye.

"Call me tomorrow," she says.

I say, "It IS tomorrow."

"Then call me later today."

"I will."

"Are you sure you're gonna be okay?"


"But I'm glad you came to meet me Colton."

"I have to go."

"Call me."

Curtain closes.


At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! what happened? how could she leave like that, at that stage in the game.....??? so hot!

At 8:55 AM, Blogger Viviane said...

Plus chaud. More, please. And soon.

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Jenna said...

What??? Oh no she di'int!

This woman is obviously messed up...

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Huck Finn said...

Come on, i am waiting! I really need to print these off and read them in bed.

At 5:59 AM, Anonymous Introspectre said...

What??? Oh how I want a peek into her brain to see what the hell is going on! Argh!

Fabulous, by the way.


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